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JLC, Dr. Harris and Stephanie Bell-Rose

“Health and Wellness may be the Civil Rights issue of the 21st Century”

— Janet Langhart Cohen, 2nd Annual RARIA Conference

Janet Langhart Cohen opened the 2nd Annual Race and Reconciliation Conference: Health and Wellness for All, with this bold and thought provoking statement. This was an extraordinary conference in which a diverse group of experts in academia, best selling authors and leading authors came together to discuss the disparities and inequalities in health and wellness with regards to race.

The discussion throughout this conference was very sensitive at times, as a bright light was shone on the disparities in health and wellness as it relates to race and ethnicity. At the finale of the conference it was unanimously agreed upon that the lack of access to quality health care for all Americans has definitely become one of the biggest and most egregious civil rights issues of our time and it is hidden in plain view.


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